Root Residence

Kevin and Carol Root made their way to this great city because of work opportunities. They came via Seattle and San Francisco and their past homes had been much more traditional and craftsman inspired. And much smaller! After settling into a beautiful home on Michigan Ave. in the 9th & 9th neighborhood, and finding that their furniture just didn't stretch to fill the much bigger home, they decided that they wanted to fill in the blanks with a much more modern aesthetic. Enter stage left......I was honored to be asked to help them create a balance and synergy (hate that word, please replace) between the craftsman furniture they already had and what would become the new modern direction. Being a designer is one part creator, one part therapist, one part mentor, one part mediator....the list goes on. Carol and Kevin, admittedly, didn't know modern as well as they knew these other aesthetics. This allowed me to educate through the process as well. I love that part of the design process!

To take this project one step deeper, Carol and Kevin love Italy. They travel there quite a bit and have brought many pieces of art back from their travels. So now we have traditional craftsman meets modern + italian art. Also, Kevin is an audiophile. When I say audiophile, I mean it was very important to incorporate his high-end speakers, stereo equipment, stereo rack for holding said equipment and a "sweet spot", a seat required in a particular location in the room providing an optimal listening experience. Personally, as a designer, this is the kind of challenge that I love. This is the perfect example that in 99% of the cases, a person's home is never as straight forward as to reflect one type of style or function. It's personal!

Fast forward to our result. Warm rustic woods manifested in a wall installation, barn doors, and custom bedroom furniture that I commissioned from Irving Olague, a local craftsman. A spa like master bath with beautiful stone from Tally at European Marble and Granite. An amazing original painting we commissioned from Ashley Hind, a local artist. Metallic wallpaper, an industrial crank and an Eames lounge for the "sweet spot". All pulled together with the help of the DFS Construction team. Talk about a collaboration. Enjoy!

Photographer: Kristen Hepburn
Done in association with cityhomeCOLLECTIVE

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